The Invincible Iron Man 33 (February 2011)

Interesting, we never get the saboteur revealed.

This issue is a lot of setup after the action stops—Fraction goes back to the old way of writing Invincible, where Tony is narrating it. It means we get a recap of the last few issues, but it’s nice to have the narration back so who cares if it starts superfluously.

Fraction continues with his corrupt U.S. military guys here (going so far as to alienate rednecks… I love how Disney doesn’t seem to care).

Rhodey gets his own little conclusion to the story arc, which would have been more affecting if he’d been around longer. And Fraction puts off any resolution to or even discussion of Pepper and Tony.

Then the big finish has an unexpected villain team-up in the works. I’m glad they added an issue to the storyline.

The McKelvie illustrates a nice “day in the life” backup.


Stark Resilient, Part Nine: The Man in the Box; artist, Salvador Larroca; colorist, Frank G. D’Armata. Good Morning, Tony; artist, Jamie McKelvie; colorist, Matthew Wilson. Writer, Matt Fraction; letterer, Joe Caramagna; editors, Alejandro Arbona and Stephen Wacker; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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  1. Normaly I’ve been hating these Marvel “back ups” that add page count to “justify” the added dollar. But the ones ones featured here are really nifty exptensions of the plot of the main story. I’d be real cool to see Pepper as Rescue in the next Iron Man film, it would add reason for her to be there.

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