Robocop: Prime Suspect 1 (October 1992)

What a goofy series. Well, I guess it’s too soon to say the series is goofy, but the first issue is certainly goofy.

Maybe it’s John Paul Leon’s artwork. I’ve only seen his more recent work. Prime Suspect looks like Dark Horse hired him to ape Kyle Baker’s most cartoonish style (I’m thinking the Disney Dick Tracy series). Except Leon’s clean, bright style doesn’t fit the story at all. The story’s a little over-cooked anyway, with Arcudi wasting panels with guys at bars having these political conversations using every word off a SAT practice test Arcudi can fit into the word balloons.

The story itself–Robocop is a murder suspect–is lame. What’s worse is how the series follows the Robocop 3 movie and treats the characters from the film series poorly (Robocop’s sergeant is afraid of him? Really?).

Why pay for a licensed property and make this tripe?


Writer, John Arcudi; penciller, John Paul Leon; inker, Jeff Albrecht; colorist, Matt Webb; letterer, Clem Robins; editors, Edward Martin III and Barbara Kesel; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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