Stop Button Souvenirs

Stop Button Souvenirs will be mailed, postage paid (both domestically in the United States and internationally), once a month starting in late February 2015, through January 2016. Your contact details will not be used for anything else.

But what are the Souvenirs?

After a couple other ideas–including one whose failure will lead to something else I’ll get to in a bit–I decided to do something really smart and not try to figure it out myself. At the day job (which I’ve never talked about on the blog, so far as I remember–though there was the great Halloween II commentary podcast episode where Matt thought I worked at a hospital), I come into contact with a whole lot of people. Included in this whole lot of people is the creator behind Dark Matter Daisies, a local business here in Denver (my location being another detail I’ve rarely, if ever, mentioned).


Dark Matter Daisies (DMD) makes paper crafts. Paper is not heavy, paper is not too big, paper is easily mailable. And DMD’s creations are definitely unique–some of the materials going into each Souvenir are different for each Souvenir. Even though there is a “format” to each month’s Souvenir, the materials going into the creation of each one are different.

So a Stop Button Souvenir is a card. A handmade card with a feature design that is removable and usable–as bookmarks, adornments, refrigerator magnets (if I remember to send the magnetic tape), probably best not as a coaster.

Every month a different, utterly unique Souvenir goes into the mail. Why? Why not. #tsb10 is a celebration after all. I harangued DMD over every detail on the Souvenirs–sometimes multiple times a day–to get them right and, thanks to DMD’s infinite patience and better ideas, the Souvenirs are really cool. And cheap to mail, which is why shipping is complementary, even international. So sign-up, then check out Dark Matter Daisies’s site.

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