Rick Bryant

Miracleman 9 (July 1986)

7969 20051127175546 largeThat is one ugly baby.

Sorry, getting ahead of myself.

This issue features Moore’s returns after a reprints issue and fresh artists. Rick Veitch pencils, Rick Bryant inks. It’s a major improvement over Austen–the panel compositions are once again ambitious–but it’s not particularly great art. Veitch and Bryant do a little Mick Anglo homage and things of that nature, but it’s too broad. Miracleman thrives on visual realism.

The story, which has Liz giving birth to her miracle baby, is pretty good. She goes into labor the first page, then Moore resolves the last of the story arc (more like clean-up) while getting the delivery done. It’s a cute narrative, with Miracleman thinking about the beautiful of life and his place in the universe. Moore manages to sell it too. He’s got an amazing amount of rope on Miracleman.

Oddly, the last panel is the best drawn.



Scenes from the Nativity; writer, Alan Moore; penciller, Rick Veitch; inker, Rick Bryant; colorist, Ron Courtney; letterer, Wayne Truman; editor, Cat Yronwode; publisher, Eclipse.

Swamp Thing Annual 6 (1991)

16146For her first Swamp Thing, Nancy A. Collins brings back the real horror. By real horror, I mean people being scared by real threats (supernatural ones, sure, but real). It reminds a little of early Alan Moore, with these murdered people joining together into a swamp monster out for revenge.

And the monster does get some revenge, but it’s justified. But Collins doesn’t let all the victims get avenged; instead, the reader’s left with a feeling of incompleteness, just like the swamp monster, just like Alec. He doesn’t really do anything this issue but investigate. Collins’s handling of him implies big changes in how Swamp Thing will go.

She handles the shuffling of the supporting cast well. Her Abby is okay… and apparently no longer Eastern European. The main story suggests good things; I’m undecided on the family stuff.

Jaaska and Rick Bryant’s art is good. Alec’s practically a tree.


Les Perdu; writer, Nancy A. Collins; penciller, Bill Jaaska; inker, Rick Bryant; colorist, Tatjana Wood; letterer, John Costanza; editor, Stuart Moore; publisher, DC Comics.

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