Ande Parks

The Maze Agency 2 (1998)

Maze agency v2 2Barr finds himself a great setting for a murder mystery with this issue. It’s set at a monastery, apparently open as a tourist destination for New Yorkers who want to get away; there’s a period of silence thing, there’s a great visual setting. It all just works.

The issue has two inkers–Ande Parks and Jason Baumgartner–for Gonzalez’s pencils. Baumgartner does a little better, but it might just be because he has more of the action while Parks has to do all the opening mood.

Barr has time to do some nice character stuff with his leads and the supporting cast. This second Maze series, without worrying about establishing the leads’ romance, is more comfortable with them just being a couple. It helps immensely.

But there’s also time for Barr to work in two mysteries, not just the eventual murder mystery. It’s a nice little issue; great finish too.


The Adventure of the Realm of Silence; writer, Mike W. Barr; penciller, Gene Gonzalez; inkers, Ande Parks and Jason Baumgartner; letterer, Caliber Graphics; editor, Joe Pruett; publisher, Caliber Comics.

Battle Hymn 1 (January 2005)

I wonder if Moore took this to Marvel and pitched it as a “Captain America is a tool” limited series. It’s too soon to really tell anything about the comic (always a good sign on a four issue limited, a wasteful first issue) but Jeremy Haun’s artwork is fantastic so it’s relatively painless.

Moore concentrates on how lousy the American government treats its citizens and its soldiers, whereas the British come off as civilized. I wonder if he’ll keep it up, given he’s doing a World War II comic. It’s not often one finds a World War II story where the emphasis isn’t on a bunch of people saving the world from bad guys.

Oh, wait, I forgot the other Marvel connection. It’s basically about the world discovering the sea-people, so it’s a Namor story.

Summing up–lovely artwork, lousy pacing. The issue takes about three minutes to read.


… The Awful Roar of Its Many Waters; writer, B. Clay Moore; penciller, Jeremy Haun; inker, Ande Parks; colorist, Dave Bryant; publisher, Image Comics.

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