Adriano Batista

Jennifer Blood 3 (May 2011)

If I wanted to give Marcos Marz the benefit of the doubt, I’d say his style is meant to resemble those shampoo advertisements in hair saloons. The eighties looking ones with the sparsely illustrated woman in sunglasses.

But I don’t think he’s going for that effect. I think he’s really just a bad artist and Dynamite lower the page rate even more on Jennifer Blood.

It’s hard to talk about the issue once Marz takes over. Batista’s not a good artist, but he’s not as astoundingly bad as Marz.

The switch coincides with Ennis’s interest waning. He’s reusing old Punisher MAX set pieces, the plot’s getting predictable and the big reveal is sounding a little weak.

If this comic weren’t from Garth Ennis, there’d be no reason to read it. But as an Ennis comic, it’s more just a peculiarity than anything.

I’m not even invested enough to be disappointed.

Jennifer Blood 2 (March 2011)

Ennis is still being a little coy about Jennifer Blood’s backstory–she’s not really a vigilante, she’s out for revenge against her crime lord uncles. She’s killing one an issue, which means things either need to complicate soon or it’s going to get boring.

It seems, from this issue, the complication might come from Jennifer’s new neighbors. The husband’s going to be an alpha male psychopath or something. The issue’s worst moment is when Ennis expects the reader to believe Jennifer’s husband would actually ask the Nazi-looking dude if he’s a bird-watcher.

I was expecting Jennifer Blood to get repetitive, but not on the second issue.

Ennis also runs into some more troubles with the diary-based first person narration. Is he really expecting the reader to believe Jennifer goes through it to remember to do items?

And Batista’s art seems to be getting worse. The issue’s art problems are immediately obvious.

Jennifer Blood 1 (February 2011)

Is Garth Ennis trying to make some Hollywood money? Jennifer Blood seems perfect for a movie or, better yet, an FX series. A suburban super-mom is secretly The Punisher. “Weeds” with guns instead of pot.

Ennis has written strong female characters in the past–sometimes exaggerating them to ludicrous extremes–but I think Blood is his first modern female protagonist. He had at least one in Battlefields. He goes out of his way to make Jennifer very normal, but it ends up getting him into trouble.

He does first person through her diary and doesn’t go far enough. The issue ends with her husband getting randy in the middle of the night and Ennis doesn’t give any insight into her boredom. Or maybe Adriano Batista’s art just fails.

Batista’s not ready for prime time in general.

The comic’s interesting, but only because it’s Ennis. On its own, it’s not.

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