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The Stop Button is a not-for-profit hobby of a blog, but if you’d like to support my writing ventures with cash or credit there are a couple options. First and foremost, don’t give to the Stop Button if you aren’t already giving to a worthwhile non-profit–the Trevor Project and the Transgender Law Center come to mind–I’m going to be blogging regardless.

But if you do already give to worthwhile non-profits and you still want to throw some bucks The Stop Button‘s way, I’ve got a Patreon set up with a nice $1 tier tip jar and also a $3 tier where you get a monthly eBook collection of posts. Those eBooks are also available on Amazon for Kindle, if you want to support that way. The Amazon ones are Kindle-only, obviously, whereas if you Patreon $3 it, you get a nice limited edition ePub. That’s right, I’ll embed a little .png plaque just for you!


Want to sponsor The Stop Button? Get it touch!

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