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The Collected Stop Button

Giant-Size Superhero Cinema: A collection of fifteen years of blog posts reviewing the various popular superhero film franchises, starting with the movie serials of the 1940s through the end of Marvel and Disney’s recently concluded 23-feature film “Infinity Saga.”
Films reviewed: The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), The Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN series, including multiple versions of the films, both BATMAN series, the X-MEN series, including all the Hugh Jackman WOLVERINE appearances, most of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), the SWAMP THING duet, all three PUNISHER films, the BLADE trilogy, failed Fox heroes–DAREDEVIL, FANTASTIC FOUR–the Universal HULKs (including the fan extended INCREDIBLE), SUPERMAN AND THE MOLE-MEN, and BATMAN: THE MOVIE.
Over 100 individual reviews.

Eleanor Parker: A collection of fifteen years of blog posts about Classic Hollywood actress Eleanor Parker, best known as the Baroness in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, but a peerless lead in her own films. Contains a summary of Parker’s entire feature film career, as well as reviews of each of her films and many of her short films and television episodes.

The Collected Stop Button is available for sale exclusively through Kindle. Subscriptions to the Collected Stop Button are available via Patreon.

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