That mockingbird don’t sing, or: Blaming the cat for the lack of subtitle

This post is a race. Can I write a Summing Up post in the time it takes me to cook dinner. I was going to have a To Kill a Mockingbird post up tonight but then we watched two “Schitt’s Creek” instead of one (finishing the third season, which has that wonderfully nice season finale; I wonder when the show realized it had potential for so much heart).

But this post is not a “Schitt’s Creek” post. At my current rate of sitcom blogging, I’ll get to “SC” sometime in 2038. I’m still trying to figure out the difference between my new blogging and my old. I wonder if any MFA programs have classes in how to develop a good blogging practice. Is it a serious thing yet? It definitely wasn’t when I was in grad school. I could find this information out instead of musing uninformed about it but… I’m fairly committed to no researched blog posts in 2020. As I type those words, however, I wonder if I’ll change my mind by March.

For example, there’s always a chance some iPhone app will inspire me to a cat-related blog. I had an idea for one a while ago and a friend had to talk me out of it; I wasn’t particularly inspired though. If some talking pet app comes along and works well and easy… YouTube here I come. Though… as I write those words, it sounds like way too much work.

I could not write this post in the time it took to make dinner. I could only write 245 words. Not even thirty percent.

The idea of Summing Up posts like this one is buckets to fill. Don’t know what’s going in, just how much is going in. Or something. Writing without a subject to the word count, trying to ride out thoughts, veering to the best tangents. One of the things I finally learned through blogging—without exactly realizing it—was how to identify how writing would make me feel. If I write a funny review about something terrible, it’s more enjoyable than writing a meaner-spirited review about something terrible. The experience of writing about the thing is separate from the experiencing of thing itself. But it’s not experiencing like researching. It’s 2020. People started doing frame-by-frame analysis of films about a decade ago. Wait, more than a decade ago. And it hasn’t really affected how film is discussed. Social media has changed how film is discussed, but not the frame-by-frame folks. Sorry frame-by-frame folks. I always thought a by-scene examination would be good; my old Stop Button supercuts or whatever were about a third of what they should’ve been. But there was no way I was hosting a video and producing a good video seems like it’d take a lot of time. I remember it taking a lot of time. The computers are faster but… no. It’s too much. Just watch, once they make VR really work for the masses, a bunch of people will just do virtual hobbies instead of real ones. Or not. Commodified VR will be a shitshow because people are a shitshow. It’s going to be terrible.

Are there classes on white space? Not white spaces but….



Late 1990s, early 2000s white space was the thing. I used to use it in my history papers to show off. Once I learned how to be good at school I was obnoxious about it. I was really obnoxious. But in a different than expected way, I’d like to think. At least there’d be some ingenuity and spontaneity to my obnoxious.

I didn’t time how long it took me to cook dinner, so I don’t have any idea how long it took me to write the first 243 words or whatever. (It’s 243, I really got into word count in grad school; way too into it). But I also didn’t time when I started writing after the… it’s 245. I scrolled up.

Huh. Maybe I’m not so obsessed with it.

Anyway, I didn’t time when I started after 245 so I don’t know how long it’s taken me to get here. I don’t know what I’d do with the information. Do I write faster sitting and typing on a full-size keyboard than I do standing in the kitchen typing on a tablet-size keyboard. Does it matter where in the writing I am… how does speed of writing increase and decrease. Why do I care how fast or slow I write (not type) but retch words onto the keys, screen, code, server, Internet. I don’t have any major writing projects planned where I might need to know how long it takes me to write.

And add cat pictures. Can’t forget to add the cat pictures. Though there’s no advertising code on the site so it’s not like I’ll get those quarter pennies. I’d probably have to take better cat pictures too and it’s a pain. None of the cats like having their picture taken. Gregory actually smacked the phone away from me while I was getting the one for this post. And now he’s whining at me. Correlation without causation: Gregory whines and I finish the blog post.

Gregory 9 January 2020 2

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