A Cheap Endorphin Rush, or: 2020’s off to a lousy start, isn’t it?

We’ve been marathoning “Superstore” and now “Schitt’s Creek” so I don’t have a ready backlog of Stop Button posts right now. I wrote that sugar-high post earlier this week, which was… something to do. And I’ve been fairly good with the comics posts. I’m going to do the next Ennis Punisher arc in a few days. It’s just not a weekend where I’ve got anything stashed. Streaming series have ended—not even what will be the next “Mandalorian”, what will be the next “Witcher.” As Gulf War III gears up, we’ll have the best entertainment. Not just the best entertainment, but the best entertainment for all of us. Disney’s new audience. Though it doesn’t look like we’ll get full on integration. I don’t think Captain Marvel II will have Brie Larson zapping Irani tanks or anything… the neoliberal promise of 21st century warfare seems to be it won’t have to take up any of your attention. Not unless it takes up all your attention and then you’re not in the right demographic for it to be a concern.

But not just “Witcher: Season Two” but “Season Three” as well. I don’t know why Warner doesn’t just wise up and do a Supergirl tween movie where Henry Cavill’s the older, uncool cousin to the newly arrived, hip Kara Danvers. I mean, Cavill’s doing a Sherlock Holmes thing with basically that concept. The whole promise of “Witcher: Season Two” is its Cavill playing Wolverine to an Anna Paquin. Do it as an HBO Max exclusive; DC heroes it turns out work better serialized, if only because Warner spends so much time on the supporting cast. Caring about the supporting cast is what’s made Marvel movies change in the last few years-Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, even Guardians (hell, Guardians might’ve started it); it’s very different from not giving a shit about the three warriors in Thor movies or forgetting Leslie Bibb was a major supporting player in Iron Man 1. One of the Leslies. I’m thinking Bibb. I might be wrong. I’m not checking.

Though those DC heroes on TV compliments aren’t currently descriptive because I think we’re done with the Arrowverse (not “Arrow” obviously) except for “Legends” and “Watchmen: The HBO Series” can’t be fixed at this point (I’ve got one left to go). But in general… Marvel live action has been more successful without giving a shit about supporting casts.

Oh, wow, not even halfway done with the post. With that sentiment expressed, I probably shouldn’t go into a Patreon sales pitch… should I? These Summing Up posts having a high—875—target is a helpful constraint. If I’m going to sit down and write one of them, I’ve got to sit and write for a while. I always fretted over the experience of writing—I was a White male cishet MFA student who sat in bars with friends and wrote. Not I was. I am. That reality is never going away. Coworking spaces ain’t got nothing on writers. Though maybe it’s changed.

Speaking of Patreon, I’m almost done with this month’s collection on posts. In fact, I’m writing this post instead of deciding whether or not I’m done with the current amount of posts. There are a lot more I could add… but I’m hoping to have it done this Thursday. I somehow thought it was a good idea to write an introduction for these collections, so I need a good day to work on it. I can’t remember if I decided I’d edit said introduction or not, but I’m erring on… yes, I was going to edit these things. On a few podcasts where people are talking about coding they mention not making comments in the code to remind them why they’re doing something or how and it later bites them on the ass. I’m feeling the same way about the collections this time. Whenever I’d zined up post collections or whatever, I had a lot of structure. Now I’ve got it set to a mindless repetition series of tasks, which even has a review built-in. Not even intentionally. Just turns out the easy way to do it adds that review. Technology’s great.

Shame about the rest of the world.

I don’t want to write about the actual prospect of Gulf War III because there’s nothing I’ve got to say about it. But it’s weighing in a terrifying familiar way. It feels more normal than anything else has in a long time. The United States’s overt imperial aggressions… they’re a recognizable, predictable pattern. Sun comes up, sun goes down type stuff. It’s a lot easier to be blandly anti-war (but pro-troops, obviously, hashtag gag) than to be specifically anti-terrible policy of the moment.

Suffice to say, I’m not hopeful.

On that cheery note, I will go into the outro, which totally ought to be a word and not get the dreaded red dots (I’m kidding, I have so many typos still online, I can’t even imagine paying attention; again, tip your wi… nope, not doing it. So here’s an adorable cat photo. Not doing the series of cat photos anymore because running Waterlogue filters on the cats does not bring me joy. And by joy I of course mean a cheap endorphin rush.

A cheap endorphin rush 2

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