Fumetti is never a good idea

I love design. I’m just not good at it; I don’t have fine motor enough to draw, I’m colorblind-ish, I don’t know code. But I love design. Hence the new theme on the site, which chases that pre-Bush “Atlantic Monthly” era of youthful memory, and then “Harpers” until… I don’t remember why I stopped reading “Harpers.” I did though. When I was in middle school I wanted to make zines, but I didn’t want to write anything for them. Like, if I’d known about fumetti back in those days, I’d probably have done it. I would have made fumetti King Kong comics. I’d be terrified to find them today too. Oh, wow, the early nineties; there would have been so much embarrassing fumetti comics if I’d been able to screen cap a show and turn it into a comic.

No, this post is not an announcement of fumetti.

Though it’d be obnoxiously easy these days thanks to… no. I will not be doing a fumetti. I promise. I even promise I won’t do one with Waterlogue filters. There are some things one shouldn’t know. Though I suppose if you did a fumetti adaptation of a comic book and not a movie adaptation itself. Or you could do a significant modification to an existing movie, i.e. Michael Keaton and Rene Russo starring in Batman Forever… I mean, some things shouldn’t be answered.

I don’t think.

What about adapting the Batman comic strip with live action… no, no, no. It’s a bad idea.

What am I talking about? I’d never read a fumetti. I’ve got to remember to stop trying to make media I’d never consume.

So speaking of media to consume—I do have a new project. Actually, it’s the resurrection of an old project—thanks to former podcast cohost Matt’s thoughts—e-Collections. I don’t think I ever wrote about it because I wanted to see how zero effort Kindle discovery works; it works. I think I can buy a cup of coffee from what I’ve made selling a collection of Stop Button Eleanor Parker posts, but Kindle doesn’t actually make it easy so I’m just guessing. Though I suppose you can get a coffee for under two bucks. But I might have sold a couple more.

Anyway. I’m going to start doing more collections, simultaneously to cleaning up the site post-combining. At least one a month, starting with one in January. And I even got the Patreon updated with tiers because I’m a White cishet Gen-X male. Given the site doesn’t have ads anymore, having the Patreon seems less actually icky. Vaguely desperate? Yes, but hopefully passively. Passively vaguely desperate > aggressively vaguely desperate.

The other thing about the e-Collections, which when I last thought about doing them would be collections of Sum Up posts and then the discussed film responses… it gives me a chance to do some different kinds of writing for a similar but different medium. There’s a looser intentionally with blogging than in anything “published.” The finality of the published edition (though I’m going to keep updating the eBook versions, obviously).

It’ll also give me something of a creative project for the year. There was a tweet going around about what your 2020 creative project is going to be and I hard passed on it because it felt like whatever I’d be doing generative writing-wise wasn’t going to be particularly creative. But a new broadly curated blogging collection after consolidating all the blogs. It feels appropriate. And I’ve got plenty of possible collections and even cross-blog collections (the Superman collection will be everything Superman, including the comics; ditto Batman; but the Giant-Size Superhero Cinema collection will just be movies.

What do I get out of it, except a possible venti versus grande? Creative energy. I’ll never forget in undergrad writing when the professor talked about how the best work you could do on a story was when you were just going about your day and drifting to it. Creative energy sparks off into other things; the target project is unconstrained but finite. I suppose it’s a potentiality thing.

But the e-Collections actually do figure in a little to the one other (albeit non-creative) project I have for next year, which is a nice coincidence.

The worst part of the Patreon was writing the intro. Having a Patreon seems very dated. Maybe I need some Patreon goals; I have tiers. What would a goal be? I’m not doing the “pick a movie” for a post thing; I’ve now seen how those play out and it’s… nothing I want to be doing. It’s very weird to have ambitions for blogging but none for your blog; it seems like you shouldn’t be able to have the former without the latter. Though there’s an added factor to it with the blogging (as writing) having a passive distribution model.

Now Fozzy; from earlier today.

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