“Meddling Kids”

You know what’s not a word?

Self-depreciating. Self-deprecating is a word, self-depreciating is not. I wish I’d consulted a dictionary in high school when I added the word—which I pronounced self-deprecating but a friend definitely told me it was pronounced self-depreciating; I could’ve won a point, back when I thought be righting about grammar with a mostly casual acquaintance was the most important thing.

Why, yes, I did grow up on “Seinfeld,” which isn’t the best but still better than many of the alternatives. We won’t even get into growing up on “Friends,” but just imagine the nonsense you spew if you grew up on “Home Improvement” and I make that statement as someone who, before he went all in on 45, occasionally liked Tim Allen’s performances.

Reminder: need to watch Big Trouble again.

It’s going to be really scary when you type reminder and then your personal assistant mines following to create a reminder. I assume the only reason we don’t have it is because LinkedIn hasn’t made an Android fork yet. It could email all your contacts letting them know when you, I don’t know, wake up in the morning or when not to message because you’re taking your morning shit. Honestly, I think that development would’ve been more of a Hillary presidency outcome type thing. Neoliberalism’s affects on late stage capitalism’s productivity innovations.

If only.

I’m not even trying to get dark, just get some cat pictures posted. Wholesome blogging. With fake watercolors.

Possibly daily. Like, fall 2016 I was trying to do a total of lot of words a day. Multiple posts on Summing Up to get to the word count. I could probably even look up that word count, I must’ve mentioned it somewhere. But then inauguration and so on.

But daily posts as an excuse to post cat pictures? Possible. Depends on how cute the cats are being. Except Fozzy, Fozzy always just looks cutesified regal to me.

My writing has changed a lot since 2016; I’m not currently working on a fiction project. I think I stared that year with a mind to edit the second novel, instead it’s still basically in a first draft stage, which I’d call a second draft stage because of how I rather inventively incorporated revisions into the novel’s structure because I knew writing in a creative vacuum—not just no one reading the novel, no one even checking in on it—was going to present a lot of problems. As it stands, the opening needs a significant rewrite, but only about fifteen pages. Just the first two scenes.

One of the main reasons I fell off the novel is when I realized, fall 2016, how I could edit it to sell it. Because the fucking election. Probably could’ve made some hay with it, especially as centrist as my “fellow” White liberals have gotten. Glad I didn’t, but also… as a cishet White male in 2019, unless I’m fictioning by committee and even then… other people should be doing the job. White men have been writing the lines for everyone else for way too long. Some of them did it well, some awful ones of them did it well, but we’ve moved on. We’ve found the right mix of ability, creativity, and commercialism. Without being good—whereas the first time they were at least good—Marvel has determined the narrative’s future, which means we’ll have to wait until 2032 for the revised medium to mature enough for its Watchmen, but in theory we’re hitting its eighties in just a few years now. If cycles work the same way they did before the Internet, which they might not but also might. Disney slowing down the ether’s active imagination with fucking weekly releases of “Baby Yoda.”

Speaking of “Baby Yoda,” I need to write my fifth episode post but… spoiler… Dave Filoni is bad at writing, directing, and approving the casting. It’s a rather disappointing episode, but thanks to the deliberate structure, easily dismissible.

But the changing in writing… I know a lot better what I don’t want to blog about. I don’t want to write about blog setup and whatnot, I don’t want about… Somerset Maugham novels, which is too bad but it’s enough work you want to be doing it for a reason. Commercializing one’s writing slows its creative roll. It’s a very comfortable hill and there are almost no exceptions to the rule, not really. And I don’t take the blogging potentially professionally enough to want to slow the writing development. I’ve got years of 250 word posts on Stop Button where the writing stalled, whereas now I understand the point is writing not the number of posts.

I’m creatively holding but staying present because there’s the more potential for good readers and watchers and thinkers than any other time in history.

Well; made my word count so now cats.

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