I’m four posts behind on Visual Reflux. I even have a topic ready to talk about (blog comments, specifically how I deal with them; I may include the Fred Dekker ones for download if I still have them; he swears a lot). But I’ve got limited interest in writing it today. Limited time too. It is fourteen years of various thoughts to assemble.

Instead I thought, why not a regular Sunday post with a schedule for the week. After all, I’m now somewhat more enthused about blogging thanks to my MacBook Air being… Air-y for the first time in a couple years. Air-y as in able to be used as a portable device, no longer serving as a desktop replacement. Oddly enough, the two years didn’t break the battery. It’s at eighty-eighty percent efficiency but whatever. B+ when I was in middle school. Not sure I knew what a B+ was in high school, but it still might have been an 88.

I never did the normal blogger with a laptop thing of going to a Starbucks and drinking coffee and eating a… Starbucks treat and posting to your blog. That whole line was supposed to be a Batman homage but doesn’t really work so just imagine Michael Keaton saying it. I don’t think I remember how much Michael Keaton’s performance in the first one impacted my understanding of film acting back in 1989.

Anyway. Old time blogging. Blogging with a laptop. Because a cishet white guy emulating cishet white guys in 2006 is a… very cishet white guy thing to do in 2019. I mean, David McCullough’s new book, The Pioneers, is basically about how we should lionize ignorant white settlers. I haven’t read it, but they were literally more ignorant of how the world actually functions than a four-year old today so I’m confident saying ignorant.

I did have a laptop back in the mid-aughts and I did write blog posts on it, but Stop Button blog posts weren’t really blogging by 2006. I’d settled into the whole “film response vs. film review” thing by then, which itself was a particular kind of elitist choice. Laptop was for prose. Back when I used Mellel for writing. And maybe ecto for blogging. I think I just went ahead and switched to Word at some point. Like, Mellel had formatting issues when creating Word files? I can’t remember. It was before DOCX. It was practically the Dark Ages. You could still rely on being regularly disturbed by Steve Ballmer.

So Sunday posts will be a forecast of the week. Presumably a thoughtful one. Maybe next week.

This week, I’ll say there’s going to be the post about blog comments. And three other posts. Possibly a really tech-y one about hacking a mid-2011 iMac to run Mojave with the right colors. Hint: get a copy of High Sierra’s /System/Library/Extensions/AMDRadeonX3000.kext and put replace it on the hacked Mojave install. Possibly not. A post about “Legends of Tomorrow” since its season finale is coming up? An actual TV post? Stranger things have happened. A post about “Game of Thrones” titled, “I don’t give a shit and neither should you”? That one would actually be a lot more like how I blogged in the mid-to-late aughts, back when I thought we were all just going to coast through a Neo-liberal reality because no one would actually be stupid enough to vote to have their healthcare taken away.

I used to assume most people were just “there,” not too bright, not too stupid. Unfortunately it turns out, no, they’re too stupid. They’re too stupid to realize they’re too stupid to realize they’re too stupid. Bad times.

Maybe “Game of Thrones – Bland white men with shaved heads boring their wives in the Costco dining section because they can’t shut up about character development, which they don’t understand anyway is not a good look. Be better”. But it would be a Friday post and I’m not scheduling Friday or Saturday posts. Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday posts might be link lists but I’m not committing.

But Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday posts this week?

It’ll happen.

I’m eighty-eight percent sure.

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