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I am having a nightmare time with the Summing-Up microcast. Right after I committed (myself) to getting out a couple “ashcan” episodes this week, I discovered… recording in the car isn’t going to work. It’s just not, which is a bummer, but whatever. Though it did just occur to me I could try recording in Anchor, who clearly do some filtering on their end with the audio, and then load that audio into Ferrite and see if it works. I’ll probably try it. I’ve been messing with recording it in the car for a week, what’s another test.

Getting lost in the weeds with the technical stuff has killed whatever momentum I had going to find the tone for SUM. Versus VRP for the Visual Reflux podcast. I’ve spent way too much time thinking about how to identify the podcasts versus the blogs. It doesn’t help the actual podcast—the whole reason for starting Visual Reflux—was so much fun. Monday morning recording might be the secret. Not tired except from going to bed too late, not lethargic, no cats bothering me to be fed. But also none of the many problems we’ve had over the years with the other podcasts. No crackles. I’ve been dealing with crackling audio since the second episode of Alan Smithee Podcast, just because I didn’t realize the first one crackled. Though it crackled in a different way than that last episode of the Comics Fondle podcast crackled. I could filter the Comics Fondle podcast. Alan Smithee crackles took over the whole waveform.

I’m in my (now) standard Wednesday funk, which doesn’t help for other projects and whatnot, but at least I got in my blog post for the day. Just getting the Visual Reflux post in might be the most I can manage for now.

Though I’m kind of thinking about doing a video game review, if only because it’ll open with an amusing anecdote and because the game is either plagiarized or an example of an old game getting refreshed by a different developer.

But who knows if I’ll get around to it.

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