Word Count: 462

You all almost got a streaming of consciousness piece but I stopped myself. There are cans of worms way too big and requiring of way too much garnish and condiment.

Apologies on the plurals being off but… I like the way it sounds that way.

I’ve got a very big writing week coming up. Daunting. I know it’s daunting because I’m fixating on organizing my ideas. I’ve got two things to write; they don’t relate at all. Other than they’re both in the first person. I dread first person. Ever since undergrad fiction writing, I’ve hated first person. It’s so hard to do well. It’s so easy to be superfluous in first person.

So two daunting first person things coming up this week. I’m excited about the prospects of both, except I’ve already drafted one of them and I’ve got a draft of something else I can integrate into the other thing, so I’m not currently excited about working on them. It’s complicated. And I’m not excited about it and I want to be excited about it. Meanwhile I’ve got a friend who started a writing class and I just keep telling them to get in the word count no matter what and it’ll be fine. I’m really good at promoting the idea of word count-based writing—dumping all your writing, in all contexts, into a daily file and seeing how much your writing. But I don’t do it. So say your goal is 1,500 words, which was a lot back when I was in MFA school because we didn’t have smartphones yet and emails were still long and whatever else. You throw all your text from the day into a file and do the count. Then you report it to someone else because it makes you feel responsible.

Very few people did it. But I was trying to write a lot. So I’d do my 1,500 plus whatever I wrote outside MFA work. And I was blogging for most of it. And sending long emails. So I guess I was committed to that system for generative purposes, but not for the results of that system. You were supposed to go back to a day later and see what you could piece together from it.

It’s an interesting digital journaling idea. I’m running my Visual Reflux with that system I guess, since daily posts? First person daily posts.

But I don’t do word count at all anymore. I think it was the years of word count-based constraint. I’ve gotten a lot more used to blathering. I like it. And I can’t blather in either of this week’s writing projects. I need to be excited enough to blather but not actually blather.

And look, a hundred words over for today’s target.

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