Warning: This post is extremely techy

My technology panics are… well, probably not legendary but certainly infamous. They’re somewhat justified at least in terms of (digital) damage; when I was nineteen or twenty, I set my last Windows desktop to do a disk defrag and went out to the movies. When I got home, the computer had a happily defragmented hard drive and none of my data. I still don’t know how or why that one happened. Similarly, when I ripped all my CDs back in 2005 or something, did a defrag (on a Mac, so probably not a great idea but, you know, Drive Genius or whatever) and all of the song files got matched to different contents. Again, can’t remember why it only hit the iTunes library and not the rest of the computer. Since then, there’s been a broken Drobo, which resulted in lost data (partially due to the technical support guy failing to tell me to try the USB connection versus the FireWire), and my great “solution” utterly failing—I was just going to use an external disk dock when needed. Only it resulted in the drive I’d been using no longer mounting because it was too full because just doing the drive dock thing is dumb.

And today it’s the Synology, which I splurged on because it was going to solve all my problems and offer me safety and blah blah blah.

I’m pissed off—they’ve gotten two “you suck” tweets so far—but I’m not freaking out for some reason. They appear to only be open Monday through Friday for service, so if I was a business customer I’d be done with them right now forever, but there’s nothing I need on the drive(s) until Friday and I have a backup solution. Not a backup, but a solution for this one information need. After a quick perusal of forum posts—before I put in my support ticket natch (because their “chat with an advisor” now button on their website is a dead link), it appears I have a flashing blue light of death. The motherboard has conked. One post suggested if you have such an issue you can expect an RMA immediately. Of course, immediately when they’re open, so Monday? After they get through all the other Saturday support tickets before mine.

Or maybe they’re secretly open and I’m just digitally flatulating and it’ll be on its way to being resolved by Monday.


I just wish I’d have things break during companies open hours. It wasn’t so important in the nineties when you were usually shit out of luck, but nowadays (I’m nearly positive I’ve never used that word in a post before today)… 24/7 product support is kind of expected. Fingers crossed?

I’m sure my lack of a full-on freakout is some sign of maturity… a man gets older, and he starts thinking differently and things get very clear or some such thing. I’ll never be too old for an STM reference, however.

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