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Over the last week, I’ve been fiddling with setting up I tried really hard to get Linode working and sort of got it running, but not with the feature set I need. Or want. Or am willing to pay any money for. So because Namecheap got me away from Godaddy back during the first… lion-killing was it?

But in spending a few days seeing what Visual Reflux’s site was going to look like, I got thinking about how I need to launch Televisual Feast sooner than later. I also worked out post categories for Feast and Comics Fondle. To focus on categorizing my blog writing and not categorizing the post topics.

Then I got thinking about whether or not it makes sense to launch two TV-related sites in the same year, probably the same month, but have them do different things. Mightn’t it make more sense to consolidate everything, as everything is going to include more subjects. I mean, The Stop Button started as a movie and comics site. I really did try to keep it in that format… okay, actually, I recall wishing I’d never branded the two together, but I did make an effort to incorporate both. Until I split them and went through a bunch of comics blogs before launching Comics Fondle in its current incarnation almost ten years ago.

Do I really want to launch two more blogs this year?


In fact, maybe since Visual Reflux: The Podcast is going to incorporate all media categories, the accompanying site ought to do the same. It’s the right time, content-wise–Comics Fondle only has a couple “new format” posts so far, Televisual Feast hasn’t launched, and Stop Button… well, Stop Button is just fine on its own. I’m not suspending Comics Fondle either, I’m just cross-posting with the emphasis on Visual Reflux. Stop Button I’m going to cross-post to Reflux, but still emphasize Stop Button. And then just not launch A Televisual Feast.

Something about that blog title is just cursed.

As for the site launch? Soon? Like tomorrow soon?

Maybe tomorrow soon.

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