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One of the things I’m trying to figure out for Comics Fondle and Televisual Feast is if I want to just do episode-specific posts, or if I want to do an additional column. I think I’m leaning column in addition. Because I need to talk about this week’s “Orville” being a spectacular feat. Or want to talk about it. Maybe not need. But kind of need. It’s so good. When the show hits this season, it hits.

But then I also want to talk about the “Alien: Isolation – The Digital Series” nonsense where Fox is so desperate to keep the Alien franchise alive they turned video game cut scenes into a “binge-worthy” streaming show. Only the episodes are ten minutes, there are seven of them, it’s seventy-two total minutes of content. It’s not really a binge.

And it being a desperate attention grab isn’t even the interesting thing about “Isolation.” It’s how poorly the video game to CG “TV show” works. Conceptually, sure, but also technically, because whoever did the transition cheaped when adding the main character (who really shouldn’t be narrating, but it’s so poorly strung together). The CG quality is sometimes pretty good, it’s also sometimes less good. Fine for a video game, not for a 1080p streaming show.

Then there’s the script.

And I wanted to be able to talk about “Isolation” so much I strung the episodes together without to end tags. I wanted to sit down and watch the “new” Alien. But it’s not a movie, the narrative formatting gulf between movie and web series is way too wide to fake it.

I’ll do mini-series posts on Stop Button, but I think I’ve only got one other strung-together web series single post.

After the technical nightmare of yesterday’s Comics Fondle Podcast, I’m ready for some plaintext writing. Not declicking and depopping up-converted mixed mono (me and cohost talking over each other) for hours. Thank goodness for ClickRepair, which didn’t make it good but at least made it so cohost’s voice sounded close to normal. Even if he’s much louder than me because I couldn’t properly equalize it or whatever. Levelator it.

It was the last episode of Comics Fondle Podcast too. And the year end thing. And the one where I actually did Love and Rockets homework to prepare. So it was not one to rerecord.

We’re doing Anchor for the sequel podcast, Visual Reflux. I have no idea where Visual Reflux is going to live. I guess I need to get a site.

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