I decided to go ahead with the e-zine version of The Stop Button for one very simple reason. I liked the way they look in Apple’s iOS Books app. The fake spine. Looks neat. Delicious Library guy no doubt.

But going through the first year of posts again something struck me. I used “Well” and “So” a lot when starting posts. The first year of posts is really the second. I didn’t save the first year because the posts weren’t long enough for MRQE. It also wasn’t easy to transfer posts from the first blogging platform. MarsEdit didn’t exist back then. Neither did … ecto? The blogging software I used for many years. At least, many years in blogging software. There may have been another editor. Sandvox was the one I broke the site to make it work with because pretty templates. Very Web 1.0.

Sorry. Off track.

The point is I can’t remember if I was intentionally using “So” and “Well.” Like if it was supposed to be an idiosyncratic gimmick or if I really did just start posts with so and well. I know I like using the word swell. Though I think it’s been a while.

I also saw a reference to a not retained Superman: The Movie post, which surprised me for a couple reasons. First, I tried not to keep posts with too much reference to other posts—the site really did start as a very bloggy blog. At least what blog meant in 2005. And blog meant a lot of self-awareness if content. People were all just learning how to blog.

Second, I said the old Superman post was well-written, which means I was thinking about how I was writing, which means so and well might have been intentional.

I find it strange I don’t remember those choices. But then again I’d want to forget them.

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