It’s my second Summing Up post in as many days, which is because I got behind over the weekend. Unfortunately, even though I’ve fiddled around with something, I’m not entirely sure it’ll be something I stick with. I don’t read eBooks. I mean, I do read eBooks, but only when I’m reading a book. And, for some reason, didn’t want a paper copy. I prefer paper copies. So trying a digital zine in eBook format? I’m not sure it’s going to be an ongoing thing. Maybe I should see what it’s like on the iPad, just as a user….

Hang on.

And back.

I’m not sure how it’ll look on a different platform, but the iOS Books app giving it a spine just sold me on the whole project. Thanks to the guy at Apple who came up with that one. Probably the Delicious Library guy who went to work there.

So I guess I’m going to do Stop Button archives as ePub files, which requires some kind of file hosting because hosting ain’t happening.

I was thinking about Gumroad but they’re too commercial-looking. Wait, Wait, just box. box is the winner.

Though Kindle is also going to be a thing, just not something I particularly recommend because Kindle costs ninety-nine cents whereas the ePub will be free. Because it’s a blog archive. Even though I’m giving it a creative name—Stop Button Archives doesn’t sound right for a digital-only publication. Stop Button Quarterly (and then other things Quarterly, maybe).

Though there might be a significant monkey-wrench in the Televisual Feast launch. By monkey-wrench I mean delay. All of a sudden things aren’t going as planned on that front.

Kind of glad I haven’t put too much work into the Feast launch. At least not for end of April. Getting Comics Fondle up and running (after the next podcast) will be enough work. It’s also possible the next podcast will have some effect on Feast. I’m not entirely sure. But there could be a name change, which is really late for one, but who knows.

I do like Televisual Feast as a name not just for the “Fawlty Towers” but also because of Moveable Feast. So.

Tomorrow’s kind of exciting because I’ve got a cross post blogathon thing going on. Also because I’m watching Red Dust.

I’m really not sure what to write on these daily Summing Up entries. But, hey, word count done.

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