Announcing the New Amazing

Amazing being subjective. And not even all of it. Not all of the new amazing is mine alone.

But things are finally decided. So now for scheduling them.

I’m finally committing to a TV blog, albeit one with numerous caveats. It won’t be anything as it airs, not to get too much into how the sausage is going to be made, but there will be recent shows discussed. Probably go old, new, old, new, old, new. I only know it’s going to start on old because the first topic is going to be “Fawlty Towers.” The blog’s called A Televisual Feast. It’s live but empty. I assume I’ll make an opening soon post, now I have it planned. Posts starting there at the end of April.

As for Comics Fondle, which has been very quiet, with the occasional post from podcast co-host Vernon. We’re still putting together the “Best of 2018” show for the Comics Fondle podcast; by putting together, I mean we need to record. Life gets busy. But as for what I’m going to do with Comics Fondle going forward after the Love and Rockets readthrough? Issue-level posts still, but nothing incomplete. Or if it’s incomplete, it’s forever incomplete. Collected or completed stories, examined individually. Something I wish I had done with Love and Rockets, but what can I do. I’m not going to go back through them (unless someone wants to pay me, of course).

Comics Fondle I’m going to aim for end of March start-up. It’s taking me longer than expected to get mentally prepared for it—one of the big factors was getting more comfortable just using the old iPad Air again. Nicely, my cheapish keyboard stand is working out fine. And even if I can’t customize iPad Ulysses as much as I can the Mac version (I haven’t actually tried on the iPad version, I’m just guessing but who knows), it’s a good writing environment. I’m comfortable writing on the iPad again. And at greater lengths than before. Back when I first got the iPad Air and moved my blog-writing over to it, I was doing the constraints on Stop Button and Comics Fondle, so I’d rarely be typing any more than 250 words at a time. But my average post length for Stop Button is closer to 900 these days. And Love and Rockets posts were usually 400 to 500 words. I keep it loose with Summing Up, but 350 is the target. Because Ulysses makes targeting easy, which is cool.

As for 2019 and The Stop Button… I think I found a project. I’m not completely sold on it yet, but it requires something like a $4.99 app and resizing some art. But it’s not going to affect the site itself at all. I was thinking of doing monthly Sum Up posts—just freed of the previous constraints I was using—but I’m not sure. We’ll see after next month’s Luise Rainer post.

Well. There we go. Five hundred words justifying not starting the new blogging projects for at least a month. Score.

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