I was giving myself a twenty percent chance of getting through all the movies I wanted to get through over the weekend. The weekly Criterion Channel movie of the week thing didn’t happen because Criterion Channel did two movies of the week this last week (two Albert Finney pictures, as he’s recently passed). I’ve got a screener I need to get watched. Sooner than later because not too much later it’ll be released and then won’t be special.

I’m no closer on the new project than I was the last time I thought about it. I mean, I’ve had some thoughts about it, but haven’t done anything with them. Even when I had a big chance. But I’ve got more to think about.

I did write something like 3,500 words on Friday, which is a whole lot of words. Like, just typing 3,500 with that comma makes me tired. I did write a couple things I was worried about but then really liked in the editing. I haven’t made the revisions I need to make on a draft of something, which isn’t quite a timing problem—post is for a blogathon Friday—and I need to do some massive edits. New opening, new ending, addition, subtraction, restructuring, lots and lots of edits. And I haven’t gotten them scheduled. I’d like to get two more drafts in before publishing.

We’ll see.

Of course, I still haven’t decided if I’m going to go with the drastic tone I’ve got in the draft. I haven’t had time or made time to think about it at length. I’ve even tried passing the buck on the decision. I may still pass that buck, because it’s more time effective.

I’ve done all right with all these writing goals I’ve set for myself—even if I didn’t realize Ulysses posts a draft instead of publishing a post (I need to fix that setting for this one)—but I feel like I’m still in a rut.

I mean, I don’t even know if we’re continuing a podcast after next week.

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