I’m currently writing my first Summing Up post on the iPad with the Bluetooth keyboard thing. It’s working pretty well… one sentence into the post. I had this idea I could teach myself to type on the keyboard one-handed but the iPad isn’t auto correctly lower case i to capital I. So even with the predictive text, it’s not going to happen. Also annoying (in Ulysses, but maybe all iPad apps with keyboards going) is the bar along the bottom with the word suggestions and so on. It’s a weird place for it. I’m not sure how other people type with a propped up iPad—i.e. laptop style—on a table, but you’re looking at the center of the screen, at the cursor, not down at the bottom at all the changing nonsense. I’d fiddle with the Ulysses settings but it’s really underpowered compared to the Mac version.

I did try lowering the gutter, which worked for a second, then immediately reappeared once I started typing again. And the colors aren’t WordPerfect; it’s all right though. For a cheap accessory for a first generation iPad Air. I don’t think there’s much more like to get out of this iPad (it’s the hardest work its had to do in years).

Yeah, the Ulysses iPad settings choices are just sad.

But the mobile typing thing is happening. Another seventy words and I’ll have done my writing quota. Of course—and I feel like I already mentioned it somewhere (but maybe about the Mac version)—Ulysses is nowhere near as good as WriteRoom for word count. Not even the long gone iPad version of WriteRoom.

I did some work on the new site today. A legacy cross-post and changed the header font. I’m still not wild about the background, but I’ve got time to think about it. I suppose it should really be a single color. Stop Button and Comics Fondle don’t have themed backgrounds (though I have been thinking CF needs an upgrade with the style changes this year).

I also just remembered I have a Comics Fondle post to get up. And have for at least a week. Oops.

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