Not cats

I had this little post in mind about how I don’t see our cats as children as much as these adorable and weird people you have around. I’m not sure what the human correlation would be, but even with Shaz, who we’ve had since she was a (feral) kitten, I see her more as a persnickety person instead of a child. When I’m anthropomorphizing her. Because apparently I wanted to write a post about being a crazy cat man.

Thank goodness the impulse has passed.

Instead, I’m just preparing for some new writing practices–thanks to the keyboard stand, which ought to have arrived by now and hopefully works. The mini-media server thing I got off Amazon is amazing so high hopes on the keyboard stand. There are a lot better tech accessories out there than there used to be. Ten years ago when you’d buy something designed by a kid who then had it mass-produced in China (or sort of mass produced). That stuff was crap. Tech’s a lot better today. Because we’re living in the future. Ish.

But the new writing practice–which has a built-in “warm up” and shakedown period included–should make things a lot better, time-wise. And I did just sign up for a giant blogathon commitment so, you know… better figure out the pragmatic practices.

I should be ready to start talking about the new projects soon. I also need to make a decision about, even if it’s just using it to forward to Twitter. I feel like I’m almost too sympathetic to it.

So now I just need to write this Eleanor Parker thing on Friday–I’ve written maybe three more blog posts in Ulysses since I got it Friday and it works perfect. Frankly, I’ve always been obnoxious about fetishizing my writing practice. You get to be excessive in your practice quirks or at least you do if you have the right friends in your writing program. And with technology, wow, did I ever come up with some practice constraints.

Being able to just work with Ulysses’s not perfect WordPerfect screen? Not caring about getting it set just right on the iPad? It feels good. I’ve been trying to disassemble all those intentional peculiarities, sometimes more passively than actively, but still. It’s nice to actually get there, especially since I wasn’t too intentional about it.

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