I suffer from the payday shopping syndrome. Got some cash, want to get something new and shiny. It’s not the best thing, but it’s far better than spending too much credit, which isn’t payday dependent. Yesterday I finally bit the Ulysses bullet and didn’t just download the app for its fourteen day trial but signed up for the one year plan. Right now I am desperately trying to find the keystrokes to get me to just the text, which is stylized like old WordPerfect. I’m not giving up on WriteRoom, but I am taking a break. If I’m going to be doing four blogs—spoiler: the new project is another blog because what else would it be—having the file browser is nice. Maybe even essential. Not to mention I can publish Summing Up straight from the app (at least on the Mac, I haven’t tried on the iPad, which is another reason for the change) and automatically archive the post text.

The only thing wrong with it is the lack of persistent word count, but I’m getting fairly good at guessing. When you write in paragraphs, you can guess. It’s when you’ve got short sentences or—shudder—dialogue you can’t tell how long you’ve been going. I think there’s even a writing goal thing in Ulysses so I could just set it to 300 words, which is my unofficial Summing Up minimum. Ulysses reports a lot of data, including how long it’ll take someone to read the content. Right now we’re at fifty seconds to two minutes, depending on reading speed and whether or not it’s read aloud. Tres exciting.

Ulysses also has gestures, which are going to take me a while to get comfortable using. Mostly because… oh, look at that feature—there’s my word counter. Trying to hit the three hundred. And it’s not live, which is a little pesky. WriteRoom has a live word count. Ulysses apparently waits for you to finish typing for a second or two. Good thing I’m not too worried about it.

Oh, cool, you can even attach images, which might be a thing for Stop Button posts. I wonder where the file lives for importing the post into MarsEdit.

But anyway… I got Ulysses. I made it look like WordPerfect circa 1991. It’s cool. So far. We’ll see if it actually gets me writing on the iPad again (I got a keyboard stand for it so I’m hopeful).

Got lots coming up—next Friday I’m drafting that Eleanor Parker Oscar post (I started today thanks to, yep, Ulysses) and there are some cool movie posts coming up. I’m really excited for the Chungking Express one.

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