I made my 2019 blogging decisions, including the Comics Fondle one, which I didn’t know I hadn’t made. I’m not doing short posts on it anymore. I’m going to do as deep of a dive as I did on Love and Rockets on any issue. I have no idea what I’m reading next for it but I might stock up a bunch of posts because I’m going to average a post a week.

I have no idea about Summing Up but I did come up with an entirely new project to do “off day” posts for. Second preposition ending sentence of the day. Maybe third, maybe fourth.

I figured all the blogging stuff out because I’ve started an entirely different project, not writing. I’m not sure if I want to keep going with it or just let it sit for now, since I’m going to be busy with the new blogging project. Comics Fondle is currently 9 years, 3 months, 2 days old. Round to ten. The year of Love and Rockets reading gave me some ideas and apparently they’ve added up to a new approach generating content for the site. That same approach is something I’m going to use on the next project. I’m not sure the approach will have much impact on The Stop Button, other than me having a limited backlog of content to get the new project started with.

It also means I’m going to do more with Patreon, which is good because I was dreading posting about it otherwise. At least with this new project incorporated and soon, it’ll make sense to use it. I think it’s helping to think of committing to the new project with the Comics Fondle-honed approach, a generous writing schedule (I’m just going to post to it in rotation with Fondle and Summing Up opposite Stop Button. I thought about just doing it on Summing Up but nah. If I’m going to put the effort in, it’ll have its own thing.

Its predictable own thing.

I just need to figure out a logo now.

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