Bright ideas

Some time ago I added an “Index by rating” page on The Stop Button. I don’t add new features to the site based on things I’d used, I add them based on whether or not the idea strikes me at the time. There’s a bunch of unpublished and deleted features for the site, with some of the remnants still in my Pages tab, but many not.

A ratings index page just made sense in that moment I made it–I think I just had the HTML from one of the other pages and figured out how to do a RegEx sort and so there you go. Run like ten commands and add some headers and I had a brand spanking new index page. I didn’t, for example, realize what a pain it’d be to add to my regular posting process. So I think I’ve updated it twice since then. And I’m thinking about adding two more index pages. One a de facto index page, but still an index page. And I couldn’t help but notice today–when I got a hit boon, “Index by ratings” was in the top ten items getting hits. So I can’t really delete it. I want the resource available, I just don’t know how I’m going to organically incorporate the work of maintaining it.

I also just realized I haven’t gotten a response from WordPress on where my Paypal ad revenue payment is at. The only reason I turned on the stupid ads again was for some of that sweet WordAds money and WordPress reports it paid.


Some of the problem with adding collating content to the site is I hate how pages look in the WordPress theme. I’m not sure what I want the pages to look like, but I know I don’t like how they look in the theme. What I would give for a floating link box so you could scroll and jump to a different letter, rating, year, whatever. And that feature ain’t never coming because I don’t think I’ve ever even seen it. So it’s not like it’s going to catch on. Certainly not with a dated WordPress theme.

I also wish columns worked. Columns don’t work with the pages on the Stop Button‘s theme either. The page width is just set too slim.

I guess I should update ratings though.

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