Cat pee

I’ve been sort of dreading today’s Summing Up post. I tried brainstorming, riffing, etc. Got nowhere. Mostly thought in circles. Then I realized it’s the perfect time for the cat pee post.

Because last night, when I discovered Fozzy peed all over one of my slippers to protest being locked up to eat so he doesn’t try to steal Shaz’s food? My reaction was being thankful he didn’t pee the bed. Sure, he probably ruined the slipper. I’m not sure if I’d admit if he didn’t. But it’s a new day for slippers. You can order them from Amazon and it’s magical. Though I’m not thrilled I don’t have slippers right now.

The constant cat pee issues–Shaz has some of her own, whereas Gregory has always been a perfect gentleman about his bathroom habits. He even covers up the other cats’ drippings and droppings, clearly disapproving of their lack of litter box etiquette. But I’m actually used to them–the constant cat pee issues–now. It’s amazing how little it phases me.

I’m sort of convinced a symptom of toxoplasmasis is Stockholm syndrome. Like. I feel I should be more put out about my slipper.

But I’m not because it’s just part of the cat thing.

I’m not sure I’ve got another hundred words in me about cat pee. But I do want to title the post “Cat Pee” so I’m not sure where else to go with it. Trying out a new litter box to try to placate Fozzy. He’s willing to use the top-down litter boxes in the living room, but not the bedroom.

Persnickety. Cats are persnickety. I’m not sure if dogs are persnickety. Rats can be. Of course rats pee a lot too. Only it’s sometimes cute when they pee. It’s never cute when a cat pees. A rat can only do so much damage.

And there we go; I can now check “300 words related to cat pee” off the bucket list.

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