As needed

I use streaming services as needed. Want to see that Godzilla anime, time to dust off the Netflix, want to watch “Discovery,” CBSAccess until the season is done. I wasn’t enthusiastic about FilmStruck. I never did Warner Archive streaming even though I should’ve. I don’t care enough about Kanopy, though I do realize it’s very cool to have it. But for some reason, I’m really excited about the Criterion Channel. I don’t take them seriously as a curation thing, because of that weird Disney deal in the nineties and, you know, Armageddon Criterion. And a handful of other releases. Including The Rock.

But I just signed up for the Criterion Channel and I’m actually thinking I’m going to try to do their movie of the week every week. Criterion’s using VHX, which is… kind of a cool name and Vimeo’s DIY streaming service. There’s no VHX app for the PS4, which is mildly annoying but whatever. I wonder if it streams in the PS4 browser….

Someone asked when I’d start getting some more topical posts going and I think I’m just going to piggyback on Criterion. I mean, I don’t have an Armageddon post up. I mean, Mikey and Nickey–the first movie (they’re doing the weekly movies up until the launch)–it’s not directed by Cassavettes, which would give me some pause. It’s Elaine May. So… sure. I’ll do the weekly movie thing.

It’s entirely possible I’m just desperate to find something to be enthusiastic about.

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