I got one episode left on “Punisher” Season Two and I’m dreading it. I’ve read skimmed the posts about the concerning finish. Like multi-level concerning finish. And it’s already been a self-indulgent season. Two episodes of selling Jon Bernthal as a heartthrob, the entire relationship between Maggie Sawyer and Ben Barnes. Though at least the Ben Barnes stuff with Maggie Sawyer feels like an entirely different and very awkward show. Almost a stage play.

It’d be nice if the season ended all right because I’m sort of anticipating “Jessica Jones” Season Three getting dumped. Has it even started filming yet? And it’d be nice to have a solid run for the Netflix Marvel shows, save “The Unwatchable Iron Fist” and “The Defenders.” Otherwise, even at their worst, the shows were tolerable.

So hopefully Steve Lightfoot doesn’t choke on the finish. It’s such a concerning thought because he’s basically concoted the show from various Garth Ennis ideas and moods. Josh Gordon’s “Pilgrim” (same name as another Ennis character but not for Punisher) is like an Ennis Punisher Marvel Knights character as far as gimmicks but handled like an Ennis Punisher MAX character. Lightfoot seems to get it.

Fingers crossed.

I wrote the Stop Button’s first “Year in Review” post yesterday and didn’t give much thought to what I’d be posting today. I almost thought I’d do something at Comics Fondle but not happening. I’ve been listening to all these podcasts doing an Apple news post-mortem and the conversation keeps going to the iPhone Xr. Exer. The failure and so on. A coworker just got one and it looks fine. It looks like an iPhone X. But it got me thinking about how my slow old 6s only seems slow and old in two apps–Messages and Facebook. Tweetbot doesn’t make me wait. Messages and Facebook makes me wait. Though I know Tweetbot does make me wait, it has to make me wait, it has to load things, but the app just seems more efficient when it’s loading than Messages or Facebook. In those two apps, my phone seems too small.

I was describing my blogging to another coworker–they asked, I just probably got too verbose–and I realized how weird it is to tell someone who doesn’t write about the need for daily content generation. If blogging is the only active writing I can do right now, then I’m going to work up a good practice for it. Such activities sound weird when spoken aloud away from other writers. The standard stuff discussed over alcoholic beverages starting in undergrad, continuing in grad, going to conferences, going whatever. I really don’t want to know how many white guys getting MFAs have had podcasts over the years.

But after the Stop Button year-end post, I realized I have gotten comfortable blogging. Maybe not writing about a specific topic for my blog, but definitely blogging in general. I have renewed confidence in my self-indulgences, which means sometimes blogging blather.

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