Three-feet thick

I really need to do something with Summing Up‘s theme. It bothers me. It’s been a nightmare so far. Possibly because I decided to start blogging on it again so soon before I did. I still remember when it was fun to set up a blog for anything. The ease of it, which still seems to be part of the narrative based on SquareSpace ads. But I really don’t enjoy it anymore. I’m used to how The Stop Button looks. It does what I want it to do. Comics Fondle is more complicated; I’ve never really known how I wanted it to look.

Summing Up I can’t even remember if I cared when I set it up initially. The thrill was long gone. Some of that lack of thrill is, which makes blogging a lot less geeky and a lot less difficult.

Comics Fondle is overdue for a change of some kind and I think I’m going to get around to thinking about it with the Love and Rockets retrospect ending this week. Drastic content change as well–no more single issues but runs or limited series discussed en masse. It was something I did when I started comics blogging and fell off once comics blogging got more standardized, right before it collapsed with the rest of blogging. I’ve always had a problem writing about… multi-sitting reads. And watches, actually. I’ve never had the impulse to sit and write about a binged TV season. But thanks in no small part to the Rockets retrospect, I think I’ve figured out a decent enough system. I kind of want to do an Alan Moore Swamp Thing readthrough the way I did L&R but not soon. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to write about Love and Rockets later. Like, I want to examine pieces of it.

Issue 50 being a bit of a stinker doesn’t help things. But whatever.

For Stop Button, I just got the idea of doing a “Year in Review.” I’ve done a best movies I watched last year post before and whatnot but nothing regular or annual. But I’ve got an actual essay coming up in a month on Stop Button so maybe try for one non-review post a month. The only problem is the topic for March. If I do a flashback year in review–like, once again going back to 2005–I don’t know… it seems like filler. But who knows. It might be nice to get it done with once and for all. And the stupid blog is old enough I’d have over a year’s worth of posts.

The Sum Up posts were supposed to do the same thing–longer form movie blogging–but the Godzilla drained the enthusiasm so much I shelved the Halloween one. I don’t care enough.

Yes, it’s because H40 sucked. If it had been great, I’d have been gung ho.

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