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I’m really excited for the new Spider-Man movie. Homecoming was just about everything a Spider-Man movie ought to be, I assume the next one will be the same. Kevin Feige, bald cappy who needed to add P.G.A. behind his name on credits to feel special, he gets it. Because there’s only so good a Spider-Man movie can be. It only has so much potential. The character, I mean. Like, there are maybe two good Spider-Man stories. One is “Kraven’s Last Hunt.” The other one is… what, Gwen Stacey? They’re decades old. And Gwen Stacey was six or seven years into the character’s run. And I’ve never actually read it. So maybe it’s crap and everyone loves it with nostalgia glasses.

Marvel movies have, for the most part, stopped disappointing because they’ve gotten to be exactly what they need to be–Disney for teenage boys. Disney Princes if you would. And Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is a fantastic Disney Prince.

The original Superman and Batman movies spoiled the superhero genre to some degree. The first Superman was too good–then Chris Reeve was too good in the sequels, as well as the rest of the cast (mostly)–while it took Burton until Returns to really fulfill the artistic potential of what he’d implied in the first Batman. Superman makes sense for a grand epic thing. It’d be nice if Captain America could do the same but in hindsight, it probably can’t. Thor can’t. The DC movies all have this grandiosity which they don’t deserve, whereas the Marvel movies avoid it entirely (it’s a damn shame in some cases, Ed Norton’s Hulk deserved better). It’s always been easier to ascribe actual greatness to DC (Comics) while dismissing Marvel as entertainment fodder.

It’s entirely possible there will someday be a great Marvel movie. There won’t be a great DC movie. I was wrong back in 2005; David S. Goyer was DC’s last, best hope. Though at least Zack Snyder would’ve kept the failures interesting. And the first half of the extended Batman/Superman is almost a great Lois and Clark movie. It’s at least a good one.

tl;dr? I’m excited for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

And apparently this post is going to qualify for my daily writing.

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