Yellow Isn’t a Good Title for Something About Flow

I have a problem maintaining intention between drafts. Think of something, write it, which was fine for short stories. Longer short stories not as much, but 3,000 words? Doable. Easily doable by grad school. Then I started a novel and had to change it up. But I’ve always hated starting a piece of writing and returning to it before it’s not drafted. Beginning, middle, end, whether fiction or non. I used to stay up all night before a major paper was due will all the research assembled so I could keep the flow. And I got a lot of compliments for the flow in grad school.

But with Summing Up, not being a reactionary blog, I started and saved to draft unfinished a post earlier today. I’m not sure if people realize how fetishized writing was for professionals. That robe in Wonder Boys was a little but not a lot. It was feasible. People only starting writing with a specific brand of Scotch is real. Capital L Capital W Literary Writing was obsessed with its potential preciousness and precociousness. Maybe it still is, though it’s got to be hard when so much good content appears outside that discipline? Industry? Factory?

One of my things–going back to freshman year of college, still during my… shudder… screenplay phase–was writing out that intention. Generating the intention. Drafting it. I didn’t yet apply that system to academic writing because, hey, I was in a Comp class. Well, it was more than just Comp, but still. That class was when I realized even wasting opportunities in my high school, I passively picked up a lot more relevant skills for college success than I’d have believed. Big outlook change.

Anyway, while I don’t necessarily need a blather blog or a word count blog, it might be nice to get more comfortable blogging in a variety of situations. I wrote three blog posts last Friday–Unbreakable, Love and Rockets #48, and The Buccaneer. In reverse order. Something like 2,500 words, which used to be a pretty good count for a word count. At least, in 2005 or 2006. So at least Summing Up has a function. It’s still in need of a point, but I no longer think of it as the same kind of writing task.

That all said, it’s going to be pretty funny if the blog just ends up being a review of cat products. I just ordered a cat litter mat from some obnoxious online cat specialty store. We had one before but it was that cheaper mesh rubber so Gregory tried to eat it. This thing appears to be enclosed cheaper mesh rubber and Gregory usually gets not to eat cloth.

Though there was that time after we first got him I thought he peed the bed but it just turned out he’d been licking it for four hours.

And, look at that not really visible enough Gutenberg detail, I’m very near 500 words and I think this post more than qualifies. Hopefully there was a not too directed flow.

Oh, wait, the biggest problem with the mat wasn’t Gregory… it was Shaz and Fozzy peeing on it to show the bathroom was each own’s turf.

No, I don’t think Gregory ever chewed on it when they’d peed it. He wisely avoided the room.

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