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So in the olden days you had the “Hello, World” post to start. It’s always fun clicking through to some linked blog in a comment to find that single post, like the person intended on doing a blog and just didn’t. Or maybe WordPress makes you a blog when you sign up, which sounds very possible.

I have a note for a blog post to do on Summing-Up. I’ve been listening to Blair Imani’s Modern HERStory–my attempt to do more books in 2019 is going to be mostly audio books because I’m terrible at time management with reading (hence Comics Fondle‘s Love and Rockets readthrough’s inconsistent schedule)–and certain reactions have been standing out and I’m going to write about one of them. But I just got to the sixth chapter (“The Revolution Will Be Ours”) and the introduction floored me. I’m still not back up. So not that post right now.

I’ve got a “The Nightmare of Music File Management with Apple Music” post to do, which involves Macs, PCs, Java, WINE, Plex, QNAPs, and blah blah blah. I’m not entirely sure I even want to write the post, just because it’s been floating around as an idea for over a month–before I even decided the schedule for blogging this year–and I’ve had zero impetus to actually write it. It’s a possibly useful topic–hints, get MusicBrainz Picard and mp3tag and get ready for tedious file management–but not exactly gripping material. What’s funny is I wish I’d heard of Picard and mp3tag years ago, but I still don’t want to write a post telling people about them. Though who knows, I’ll tag them and maybe SEO. If it still works like that.

But I don’t have any other post ideas right now. I’ve got no interest in doing a what’s wrong with Red Dead Redemption 2 post because I don’t want to think about it too much. There’s not much wrong with it as far as a game, other than you not being able to get to the Old West until the epilogue, but its characterizations and history are, well, dumber than a really dumb episode of a CW show. Not surprising, I guess, since I couldn’t even play Grand Theft Auto V. It’s not exactly frustrating but it’s occasionally annoying.

Hence the “remember when second posts were hard to write” second post. I was thinking about a post making fun of the WordPress Gutenberg editor, but it’s actually fine. Maybe someday I’ll try adding a picture or something. But as far as browser-based writing goes, it’s far from the worst. Better than Medium as I recall. Would it ever make me change from what I currently do (Writeroom -> Marked -> MarsEdit)? Nope. I won’t even use it when I’m writing for Stop Button or Comics Fondle on a PC (Texts -> Dropbox -> Marked -> MarsEdit). It’s just fine for this kind of writing. The black text on white background writing.

Though the whole “blocks” thing is dumb, because you can’t see them (by default anyway) so they don’t seem separate from anything else.

Maybe I should write about TV? I was never able to get a TV site off the ground (A Televisual Feast failed, though I think some other Fawlty Towers fans have tried things with that title). But I don’t like writing about TV. It seems like one of those things you should probably get paid to write about. So no post about how it turns out, even though they cast Jenny McCarthy as a trans woman, Just Shoot Me was technically less transphobic than almost every other sitcom of its era. Though maybe only because it was Jenny McCarthy.

Who’s not even good in the show. Why anyone would take her medical advice when it comes to preventing plagues is, as always, beyond me.

So I’ve just written over six hundred words about nothing so I can check something off in my absurdly oversized first bullet journal for the year. I’m really digging the dotted pages as it turns out. I was one of those obnoxious graph paper kids, so it’s no surprise. It’s a big green journal, which–laying around–reminds me of those old New York Times Index books, though none of the Google image results are green. I swear they were green.

But, hey, maybe someone will find out about mp3tag early? And everyone ought to be reading Modern HERStory so that’s a thing.

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