Alexander wept

I did really well with Summing Up back when I started it. Really well. Then the 2016 election happened. It wasn’t just the election; doing a blog dedicated (partially) to Somerset Maugham was also a bit of a stretch. Like, he’s all right–and sometimes great, sure–but I couldn’t fall back on that part of the blog to make it work. The world doesn’t need prosumer Somerset Maugham commentary.

Especially not from a forty year-old cishet white guy.

Which is kind of my general problem with colloquial blogging overall. I can count the cishet white guy bloggers I read on one hand. Two of them sometimes publish at Comics Fondle (I mean, I’d read them anyway but still–they’re literally colleagues). The world doesn’t need another navel-gazing, vaguely informed white guy blog. We’ve seen what those get us.

So why start Summing Up up again? The last time I tried it I lasted three posts, including the starting up again post. I used a bit in the interim, but it really is a social media platform, not a traditional blogging one. Though when you look at WordPress these days, with the terrible themes and the new Medium-like interface (which I’m using right now as a test, because it’s MarsEdit ride or die for Stop Button and Comics Fondle), it’s hard to say it’s a traditional blogging one anymore either.

For a long time, I didn’t want a colloquial blog at all. I moved away from it with Stop Button… oh, you know, more than a decade ago; I worked hard to spare down verbosity.

So why do I want to ramble so much? I grew up in the nineties. Stream of consciousness writing was our thing. Once you realized you could do it–and once you realized you could direct the stream. Well, it’s fun.

I shot for 365 Stop Button posts last year (and missed it). I also shot for fifty Comics Fondle posts (and missed it). This year I’m doing a Stop Button post every other day and either Summing Up or Comics Fondle on the off days.
But since I’m still not done with my Love and Rockets read through for Comics Fondle, it’ll probably have to be Summing Up posts for a while.

So I guess 2019’s blogging goals are (approximately) 182 Stop Button posts, 90 Comics Fondle posts (which isn’t happening), and 90 Summing Up posts (which also seems unlikely). We’ll see.

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