Old Gods Classic Steampunk Isn’t Coming Back

On Tuesday, I realized I needed to do a Summing Up post today. It’s on my to do list, which is its own thing, and I was aware I would be doing one; I just hadn’t thought what to write about. The post about Green Beans came from a weighing feeling. I don’t have any of those feelings this week. I have dread, I have sorrow, I have minor annoyances, but there’s nothing weighing.

But today offers any number of topics. It’s a crappy day in United States history–which itself is turning out so poorly it’s not worth reading anymore–it’s a Star Wars made-up holiday, it’s also a good friend’s birthday. So endless material.

I’m not interested about writing any of them. I don’t have a great Star Wars disenchantment story because once I realized how wrong I’d been about Phantom Menace initially, I was so mortified I didn’t tell anyone when I finally did see Attack of the Clones. Regardless of that lacking story, I do have lots of Star Wars material. It defined much of my childhood entertainment and way too many of my teen years in the form of licensed novels. Star Wars memories are also family moments, friends moments. Deep crap. And it has nothing to do with the made-up holiday.

My political commentary is as simple. Oh, shit, it happened sooner than we thought and all bad and worse things and we’re fucked. It’s a little clearer to everyone we’re fucked.

As for talking about my friend Jim. The Killer Frost chase scene on this week’s “Flash” would’ve made him smile.

Whatever my weekly Summing Up post is going to be, it’s not enough to do any of the above mentioned topics. Writing for immediate or near immediate publication to the Internet is a different kind of writing. My preparation is different, my practice is different. I write Summing Up at night; I write everything else in the morning. I mean, not response posts but when I write, I do it in the morning. I got into that practice in MFA school and it works. Morning and night creativity are different. Summing Up is a mental closer.

Only there’s nothing really to close this week. I learned some things. I’m not sure any of them are particularly useful. I didn’t start any new projects. I continued with the “bullet journal,” which has unfortunately become something I’m going to do. Am I going to write about it? No, though I’m sure someone will someday discover that exact thing–meticulously detailed printed word task lists (which, purporting to be a return to “analog,” actually rips off various GTD apps from over the years)–appeals directly to my cohort of learners and obsessives.

But I’m not sure it’s a good thing. It works, but it does make me feel guilty when I don’t get a day completed. It’s definitely wiring the brain to zap me a little. Is it worth it get all the things done? Maybe? I’m going to give it a little longer. But it clearly hasn’t helped with a Summing Up post.

I read The Time Machine for the first time this week, even though I had a copy of the book as a kid. Some set–classic sci-fi and horror–there was a lot of H.G. Wells but no Edgar Rice Burroughs. Not even Tarzan. Because I didn’t understand copyright back then. Anyway, I never read Time Machine. I may have tried, because I know I liked watching the movie with my dad. I can’t remember if it was a Svengoolie.

But I didn’t really have a reaction to the novel itself. I’m mildly curious to read the K.W. Jeter sequel from like eighty years later but I don’t know if I’ll get around to it. And just seeing the Amazon description, I’m not sure I really want to read it. Look at this:

File Under: Steampunk [ Coming Back | It’s About Time | Old Gods | Classic Steampunk ]

I have other things to read. Lots of other things. Though I’d probably read a synopsis.

Synopses should be a thing. Good synopses. I’m not sure why, but they’re a good idea. Though I also read a lot of novelizations as a kid (and teen). It did things to my mind.

And I’d read a good synopsis of Morlock Night by K.W. Jeter.

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