So one of my big college decisions was not getting involved after 9/11. I went to college in a small, liberal enough town. There was nothing to rile against in some ways. But there were great bars and interesting people and this micro-boom going on. People were discovering Southern Oregon and not just actual hippies or even special effects artists willing to drive up every weekend, just people. The B&B crowd. And for a while, it was a neat uptick. And you’re in fucking Oregon. It’s objectively beautiful.

But you get distracted. It’s not the Internet era really yet. And as it is developing, it’s not towards information. It’s an entertaining distraction. Everyone can be a futurist with just a little thought. The weird thing is I don’t see my cohorts—undergrad or grad—in the people even a year younger who turned blogging into legitimate journalism. There’s this generational gap. Like a hairline fracture, but it’s a big divide. Taking the Internet seriously or not.

And now, the Internet—like so much else—has matured to being actively, easily consumable. If Apple had gotten that App trademark or whatever, they’d be even richer in Ireland. You: Tim Cook: Rich in Ireland. Me, the intellectual: The End of Molly Malone: Rich in Ireland: Tim Cook, Steve Jobs, death, Trump, and taxes.

Certain things are getting boring. The anxiety isn’t dissipating—which makes it even more amazing when something doesn’t engage the anxiety—but the regular places to direct anxiety aren’t around. Do regular people give a shit about Apple’s apparent floundering? No. The phones still work. The apps are still getting better and staying cheap. The convenience is growing. Maybe Apple played that card too long, maybe they’ll adjust. Whatever. The phones will work though. The Marvel movies still make money. But then most things still make money. Fucking Godzilla made money and it’s awful. Man of Steel doesn’t make enough money in 2013, Godzilla does in 2014. Things had changed, China, 3D or some shit. Whatever. But audiences hadn’t changed enough yet to not care. Guardians, Ant-Man (just because regular people took the risk), Dawn of Justice, fucking Suicide Squad. The Transformers movies primed enough people. Who cares if it’s good enough, let’s see it. But it’s becoming intellectually boring. It’s not worth the thought. Just see the movie.

And sometimes it’s fine. Fast 8. Fine enough. I marathoned seven of those movies with a friend—albeit over weeks and weeks, but still, the longer the marathon, the more the commitment, and I couldn’t stand the Paul Walker nechrophilia special. It didn’t matter if I thought it’d be a good movie, I should’ve been intellectually engaged. And I wasn’t, because it was ass. But Fast 8 is fine. The Rock’s good. Sort of, almost, should’ve been the Hulk, duh.

But I’m tired gearing up for intellectualizing the small stuff. I’m intellectualizing all day long. Getting into the zone to watch High Tide. Or Sheena.

(In other news, if anyone ever needs anyone to write the blasphemous, but historically accurate adventures of Teen Jesus, please let me know).

Anyway, I need to write on Summing-Up. I need to write about it on a.micro.blog. I need that structure. It seems a little much, but I feel like it’s wiring the brain the right way. A motivation loop. But when to write Summing-Up. Not tonight. Wednesday I mean. I should be in bed right now. So tomorrow night. And I need to come up with some constraints, some kind of structure.

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