Dry well

I’m in a rut, creatively. I was in a rut. A couple ruts. But I sort of thought Summing-Up would help me out of them. It allowed two ruts to compound. The existing one and then the post-election one. But one good thing about hanging on is noticing when other people are struggling to do so as well. How do you know, you see it in acquaintances. Then you get a reminder of your bubble. And even if you have a really big bubble, it’s still one centered around you. Does knowing about that bubble do any good? I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s better to be checked out. I suspect it feels better. Regret is on a sliding scale. Hopefully.

But I’m creatively dry. In pretty much everything. Trying to get running again, trying to get writing again for Comics Fondle. The tortoise died last week. That one has been a real crappy one. That one is too much as it were.

It doesn’t help with creativity though. Not exactly. It’s got to be creative productivity because it’s not an “honest” impulse. It’s an aversion. But it’s also a negotiated delay. Hopefully.

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