Blog redesigns

One of the hobbyist parts of having a blog used to be fiddling with the theme. I’ve gone through lots of themes. At the beginning, I went through lots of platforms, lots of hosting. When I moved to, it was because GoDaddy sucked, lied, supported big game hunting, and so on and so forth. I made a bunch of changes to the site for the restrictive hosting, then I rolled some of those back. Now I’m at a spot with the site where I want to do something new—The Stop Button, not Comics Fondle because Comics Fondle always got first change and I still find it more usable right now. Or at least more how I think it’s supposed to be.

But not so with Stop Button. It needs a new tagline. That tagline has literally been around since I preordered the Criterion All That Jazz, which I still haven’t watched. And I’m trying to rethink how individual posts appear to new readers as they’re the way people come to the site, not through the front page. Of course, because wordpress’s stats are a joke, you can’t really see how people use the front page. Also a joke are the new free WordPress themes. I’m not sure if it’s a problem on the side too, but I’m never self-hosting a blog again. I mean, within reason.

The Stop Button isn’t within reason. I don’t keep the header image originals so I don’t have them pre-filter, but it also means I don’t have any other sizes. WordPress themes don’t use a consistent header size and the one I use for Stop Button is about half what the recommended size is anyway.

Makes me miss the old days when you’d go to a link on a site or a blog and you’d get their old UI.

I still need a new tagline though. And possibly a new header image for the site itself, but it does have to be on black, which is a new headache. Or at least as much of a headache as your hobbyist blog can cause.

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