When I was in undergrad, I loved editing. I loved drafts. I loved second draft having something you brought back in fifth after dropping in third. The construction aspect of it all. Editing fiction and non-fiction is inherently different, but they can inform one another. Sometimes more than they should. Non-fiction editing is less generative. But I make a conscious effort to try to make it generative still, something I did in undergrad, but sort of fell off of doing in MFA school. Not enough non-fiction writing. When I got to the second master’s, there were occasional things to edit creatively (or even to write creatively), but I’ve been rusty with it lately. It’s fun. It reminds me of when you’d have something you were leaving class to put into a draft but by the next time anyone saw the story, that thing was already gone. It’s hard to keep non-fiction on the front burners when you’re not actively working on it or researching it. It’s easy to avoid it—rote is easy—but it’s no fun.

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