I’ve been complaining about characterization a lot the last couple days. I’ve already posted about Never Say Goodbye, which had Eleanor Parker and Errol Flynn amongst other actors to lend it some personality, and about Lake of Fire, which similarly got it’s personality not from the script but from the art. Since then, however, I’ve watched and written about Johnnie To’s Three and read and written about Demonic.

I’m just going to be to bed instead of getting the posts up tonight.

But both those things had character problems too. Three most of all, but it still shouldn’t have been unsurmountable.

It got me worried I’m in some sort of characterization problem rut. Then I realized, no, it’s just a significant problem in the types of things I read and watch. It’s kind of been a bummer of media ingestion—though Lake of Fire was good and Demonic was worth reading for the art and Never Say Goodbye is fine, just not better than fine—there was nothing singular. I do have new glasses, after all. I would’ve liked to break them in on something amazing.

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