I’m so behind on writing I don’t even have my notebook readily available, my surprisingly still successful ideas notebook. Even though I’m ahead with the Stop Button “survey” posts, I’m behind not just with Summing-Up but all sorts of Comics Fondle. And, I suppose, even regular posts for The Stop Button. I’m not sure how I ever maintained a daily posting schedule for the sites. Both Stop Button and Comics Fondle (Comics Fondle seven days a week for a bit too). Was it youth? Less cats? Less dread?

It wasn’t much of youth. It’s qualified youth. I only wish I’d been able to write about film when I was younger. Not so I’d have more fodder for the site, but because I’m always wondering what the hell I was thinking when I go back and see something I know I loved in high school and now am utterly perplexed. No examples because it’d be embarrassing, but there was also the period I was getting into old movies and it’d be interesting to know what I thought was so great about Mississippi Gambler when I was twenty.

Comics not so much. Comics my taste has been about the same since I was in my late teens.

I’m sure a lot of it—the tardiness—is due to over-scheduling (over-programming?). Summing-Up sort of emboldened me. Foolishly emboldened me. Lots of repetitive statements in this post, as it’s early morning.

The bad part of being emboldened—even rightly emboldened—is how little ambition relates to reality. The most frustrating part of ambition not correlating to what’s feasible is when it’s not about ability but time. There’s only so much time. And it also occurs to me I’ve been doing a lot of different projects—not writing related—with my free time as well. I wonder if I’ll be able to filter Summing-Up through some kind of web service to see what’s the most prevalent topic. In November it obviously went from Maugham to the end of the world and hasn’t really gotten back to Maugham or out of the end of the world, but there’s also the period in December when I spent days of writing on a project I completely chucked.

Chucked is a word, according to the Apple dictionary.

Upchucked is also a word. What a special language.

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