Bad music

I like a lot of music I don’t expect to like. It started in college and has kept going. It’s cool, especially during a period where there’s a lot of good new music, but it’s sometimes concerning. Like, what if I don’t like good music anymore? The sad truth about being a pretentious snob is you have to be able to back it up. So enter Apple Music. Apple Music’s weekly recommendation today immediately had me bopping. I mean, bopping in the sense of a sitcom scene starring an almost forty white guy who complains about going bald all the time bopping. I was legitimately funny in college. I was an asshole, but I was a funny asshole.

Anyway. That sort of bopping.

And then I realized I didn’t like the song and maybe Apple Music doesn’t know me and I’m kind of glad it doesn’t know me. I want to fight for best late Leonard Cohen alongside last summer’s Red Hot Chili Peppers album actually being great. I want to feel weird about preferring Solange to Beyoncé in terms of 2016 releases. I want to feel weird about feeling weird about the situation. Because music was culturally important. It’s less now, because there’s… I don’t know. The world’s shit. Something happened in the aughts. Napster needed to keep working, whatever.

So it feels good to get that impromptu status check. Because I’m pretty predictable with what I watch, what I read, et cetera. I don’t try to find new things randomly. Or even as randomly as an Apple Music algorithm; random is of questionable use.

Also of questionable use is word minimums. I mean, it forces me to sit down and do it, but there’s usually at least one paragraph complaining about sitting down and doing the writing. I’ve never believed you write and write and write and go back and find lost gems. It’s about preparation, which can including writing and writing and writing and going back and finding lost gems, but it’s about synthesizing that “gem” with everything you learned by going back, by doing the writing. Time’s not infinite. Process is important. Though my writing ambition has apparently gone from revolutionary non-fiction work to absurdist fiction work to realist fiction work to… blogging? After ten years of not taking it seriously as an outlet for writing?

I mean, I’ve never actually tried it before. Who knows.

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