Movie watch list

I have a very complicated movie watch list. It’s not what gets “programmed” for The Stop Button so much as what I watch when I’m out of programming. The two things are independent; what is “upcoming” on The Stop Button isn’t necessarily indicative of what I most want to watch. Currently, what I most want to watch is Sunset Boulevard. At least as what’s on the watch list. If I had to pick something to watch right now? I’m in the mood to watch Desert of the Tartars. But I’m not going to watch it, it’s going to go on the watch list.

Anyway, the thing about the watch list is it’s infinite. Potentially. It can be completely haphazard and impulsive, it can itself be programmed and scheduled—I swear, playing those “German-style” board games breaks your brain as far as ideas for integrating safeguards into your own processes. But, as I near forty, I’ve got to come to terms with probably not ever coming up with a reasonable way I’m going to watch every movie I impulsively want to watch. At some point, I might even want to watch something besides Dredd over and over again. Not that I don’t want to watch other things again, it just seems like Dredd is what we go with when someone hasn’t seen it so it’s the movie I’ve seen the most often over the last five years.

It’s actually unthinkable from the way I was as a teenager. There are a fixed number of movies you watch over and over and over and over again. It’s what video store culture was all about, at least as far as catalog titles went. It’s what I use (or used) MovieLens for—what’s on the top of the recommended list, those movies are the ones I should get watched. But in reality, there’s not enough time.

Because time is finite. My note for this post—the idea note—was “Mortality Movie List,” which I saw as a little too depressing but hopefully the maudlin tone is present. And before I get too intense—really, actually, not going to get any more intense but I wanted to dramatically set up I just added The Amazing Spider-Man TV pilot from 1977 to the watch list again. I really want to see that one again.

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