“It’s not for you”

I have this 2Pac post I really want to do but I’m chicken. I don’t take Summing-Up seriously enough and it’s a post I want to do right. Maybe someday. The music stuff is still hard to do; of course, I’ve never actually attempted to write about an album. Or, if I have, it was many, many years ago.

But there’s this idea of things not being “for you.” I had that feeling earlier tonight when I got a newsletter—a TinyLetter—from someone whose writing I admire and who I think is an awesome person and I love following them on Twitter, etc., etc. They’re great. But I’m not sure a newsletter is for me. I don’t know how to read newsletters anymore. I’ve been clicking “unsubscribe” and “spam” on them for so long; I even tried doing a newsletter with Comics Fondle because I thoroughly believe there’s still an audience for thoughtful comic book criticism and responses. And there’s thoughtful criticism and responses out there, but it’s usually not through one of the traditional comics sites.

Oh, wow. Newsarama probably still exists. I used to have it bookmarked, then I stopped going like seven years ago, but it was the active bookmark in something silly like Firefox, back when I was going to switch from Safari to Firefox because there used to be a lot of lying about independence from the Apple packaged ecosystem, until everyone just gave up. Because Mozilla couldn’t make it happen. Thunderbird? Thunderbird just isn’t for you. And you is apparently everyone. And I used Thunderbird for like two years. Professionally. I hated myself, apparently.

Anyway, is blogging going to come back this year? I’d love it to be the narrative for Micro.blog, I really would. One guy I used to read over ten years ago started out the year saying he was going to try to regularly blog. I think he had books based on his technology experiences. He was around at the beginning of all this stuff. The cynic in me says no way. No way blogging can come back. It’s just not feasible with your primary Internet communication device being a phone. Scalable my eye. Blogging’s death and the rise of smartphones are probably in direct correlation, which I believe is the correct term for what I’m trying to say.

But the point is when something’s not for you, figure out why. Or at least try to figure out why. It’s perfectly fine to be ignorant of some things—Transformers sequels, for example—but know why it’s okay to be ignorant of them. The Internet changed things differently than people thought it would. Not in great ways. In kind of awful, dangerous ones, but it also did give us real information, instantly accessible, which is another damn reason I can’t motivate myself to do Stop Button collections. At least it’s led to more effort on the site itself.

So, almost five hundred words guilting myself for not reading that newsletter. Probably ought to go read it now.

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