Fourteen forty

I have not done a lot today. Maybe because I knew I was going to write four of these longer Summing-Up “daily” posts and it’d be 1,440 words minimum. It’s a lot of writing and I have actually been up since 3:45 this morning. I’m going on being up nineteen hours. I assume I’ll sleep in tomorrow. Or I could just go for the full twenty-four and go to bed at four a.m. I don’t think I’ll be doing that option, however, because I do plan on functioning tomorrow. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with it.

Eleven o’clock is my traditional too late time on a work night. Crawling into bed just before midnight, so little fun anymore. I blame the cats. I’m not sure how exactly; I think they suck away my energy through osmosis. I can’t even imagine what kids must be like; energy vampires.

But after eleven writing is also hard to hold together. There’s no way I’m writing anything after this post, which isn’t natural constraint. I might stay up until four in the morning, but there’s no way I want to write anything else. I’m out-written today. I’m just barely halfway done with this post and I started it half an hour ago.

I’m not having any inspiration so a guilty anecdote: I really miss Excel. I’ve been using Numbers and Google Spreadsheets for years, but I had occasional to open a huge spreadsheet in Excel and just have it work. Not like in Numbers when it seems like the computer is going to start smoking and not like in Google when it seems like the entire Internet, everywhere in the world, is slower for your spreadsheet trying to load. Just smooth efficiency. And it’s so weird to think about it, but I used to love Microsoft Office. It was in undergrad, because there just was nothing better for putting together a good looking paper. I mean, if you had InDesign or some shit, but realistically, Word was the best you could do. But then it either got slow or other things got faster. I think other things got faster. When I write Summing-Up, I don’t even think about how MacJournal works. I just start a new post and type. With Stop Button and Comics Fondle, it’s different because I want it as HTML and as a file, so it’s a little bit more work, but I’ve got it down too. Still faster than Word. But once you get the stupid things loaded, they can do magic. Excel anyway. Word’s too screwed up at this point. On the Mac anyway; no idea what the latest on Windows is like.

And done. Bed time.

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