Over Maugham; Regex

One of the best things about writing about comics and movies is I don’t think about making comics or movies. I used to think about making comics and movies, but I don’t anymore. But I do still think about writing. Back before November, Summing-Up was always going to have some kind of story ideas just because I wanted to get them down but not do anything with them. Sort of a catalog of thought. I don’t really have those mental diversions often these days, but I realized—as I was thinking about The Painted Veil, it’s still very present. And Painted Veil seems better than any of the other Maugham novels I’ve read so far on Summing-Up; I might actually want to rip something off from it so I need to pay a different kind of attention to it, one where I can’t break every chapter to write something about it. But I’m not reading books right now. I have to start soon and I’m gearing up for it after a long intermission in my reading. Maybe a March thing. I’m on track with February projects. Maybe for March. Definitely April.

So no Maugham for a while. Maybe something else. Maybe not. If I start reading sooner than March, because I just remembered what I got from Amazon the other day.

I’m trying some new things with The Stop Button. One with programming, which is completely opaque, but then also with the longer form posts. I’m thinking about calling those “surveys” instead of “essays.” They’re a survey—in the literary sense—of various film subjects. It’s also nice to be accurate because there’s always a chance I’ll write an essay for the site again. I had a lot of fun with the Son of Kong essay I did a couple years ago. Research is fun.

But there’s a constraint formula to the survey posts. It’s structure stuff, not content. But visible. And hopefully immaterial.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve finally figured out how to do Regular Expression searches. For me, it meant not learning them and using a web Regex generator cheatsheet thing, but I’ve figured out how to make them work finally. And they’re just as awesome as I thought they’d be.

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