Comics blogging

One thing I’ve always hated about blogging is the pictures. Do you have pictures. It’s not really a question anymore and, to some degree, pictures did lose big time. Outside a lame licensed image, unless it’s about something specific, pictures are bland. There’s no artistry to it, it didn’t end up being one of the important things about how one reads the Internet. Bad print art was fine, bad Internet art is fine.

But it was also impossible to code back then. Nothing ever looked right, those at least Blogger had that cool hairline border, which at least did something to distinguish the image. It just doesn’t work on screens. Little screens, I mean. Probably not even tablet screens. Probably on an iPad pro. Anyway. It was a pain with images so I never did images from comics. Seemed like too much work. And, having since started doing it, it is a lot of work. If I’d tried it with individual issue posts, I’d have gone nuts. But blogging about comics was usually a “least effort” proposition. Whenever I put a lot of effort into it—or, more specifically, a side project—it never worked out. Even if it looked cool.

So working on a relatively long post for Comics Fondle—over a thousand words—for a six issue series without any overarching narrative, just sitcom stories, was sort of new. But it was kind of fun. I took notes. I don’t know if I’ve ever taken notes to write about a comic book. Because I’ve avoided sitting down and trying to write at length about them. Don’t expect a big old From Hell post, in other words, though I’m thinking about doing some Garth Ennis collections. One recent, one retro. Not a revolutionary idea but if I stick with it, it’d be a first for the site.

And picking the art is fun now. For whatever reason, it was never fun with the comics blogging to pick art. I could never get it quite right. The Stop Button used to have really funny pictures, real snide, but I mostly eighty-sixed those sometime before 2010 when I got rid of pictures for a while. I have occasional shallow things I’ll do with the header images on Stop Button now, but I’m no longer painstakingly looking for great snide screenshots. With Comics Fondle, it’s different because the art’s supposed to encourage someone’s interest, not their amusement.

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