Comics Fondle suffers

Once again, my attempts at scheduling have failed, once again, I skipped out on a Comics Fondle deadline. Soft deadline. It’s not like anyone’s clamoring for the post in question, so it’s a deadline with myself. But it was a strange day with some last minute changes and the time I would’ve done the Comics Fondle reading and post, I was busy not being able to breathe at a CrossFit class. My whole core felt like jello, which was a little embarrassing. Or would’ve been if I could breathe.

So the plan is to make up Comics Fondle tomorrow, which cuts into getting ahead on some Stop Button work, but it’s all scheduled anyway. I’m just late, I haven’t missed the post window yet. I’m not sure if there is such a thing as post window. These longer Comics Fondle posts are just longer Comics Fondle posts; the longer Stop Button posts are conceptually something entirely different.

Otherwise, I stayed relatively on schedule today. I got lost in some note-taking for a future Stop Button long post, which I hadn’t realized would be a problem. Jumping ahead of myself on the conceptualizing of the post is distracting me from the stuff I still have to do immediately, not in a couple months. It almost could’ve been time better spent on Comics Fondle, but I made a decision not to do a replacement post for time’s sake. I’ve got to at least try with Comics Fondle. Though I’m also noticing a lot of stuff to clean up around Stop Button.

Meanwhile, I didn’t read any of Painted Veil, which comes as no surprise. I don’t enjoy reading from the big hardbound collection of Maugham novels. It’s not a relaxing tome to carry. I’m usually reading it with the book resting on a table or desk, craned over it, straining vertebrae, trying to count the too many uses of semi-colons per sentence. I’m hoping I can adjust for tomorrow—I’m also thinking I need to start figuring out how long writing takes so I can block it off better. Especially if I can move tomorrow and the next day and the next and return to that miserable CrossFit. The most frustrating thing is how modifed plank hurts the knees while regular plank just sucks.

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