Absent mind

Whenever I come up with an idea for The Stop Button, it’s never a fundamental change in how the site operates. It’s always just going to be about the movie responses. It’s never even going to be about just good movies, because I’m going to go back to those “Perry Mason” TV movies. It’s inevitable. So I always feel limited with what I’m going to do with the site. Projects are side projects or finite and scheduled. With the Superman dry run last year and now the John Carpenter twofer, I feel a little more correct in my latest scheme—longer form “history of film” type posts. I’d been considering them similar to the trade paperback responses I’m doing on Comics Fondle, but they’re different. The format’s still maturing—I don’t have branding I like and never will, most likely, I’ve always been bad at branding site features. But I like it. I like the format, I like writing the posts, I can even see myself editing them someday. Maybe.

I’ve had a somewhat unexpected day. Lots of twists and turns even though it was otherwise chill. But it didn’t give me time to think much about starting the new Maugham novel for the month, The Painted Veil. I didn’t get the latest Flintstones read. I may have played some video games. More and more, I’m finding myself detach mentally on my weekends. It’s sort of problematic—and it happened this weekend more than any other, just because of real life busyness—and I’m finding myself confused by where my mind went. I had no plans for today, with yesterday’s getting somewhat screwed up after I discovered the first Stop Button post was lost. Sure, it helped me get to the resulting one, but I worked hard on that first post. Today was supposed to be mellow. I just didn’t expect it to be mellow. And it wasn’t entirely, but tolerably.

I’m always telling people to take mental health breaks—and I took that advice myself recently—but figuring out when you need one can be difficult sometimes. You just want to make something happen and your brain isn’t there for you.

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